I wanted to let you know about the St. Louis Institute for Integrative Medicine 3rd annual Symposium last weekend (www.sliim.org). The meeting was held on the campus of Missouri Baptist University in Chesterfield. This conference is unique in that it includes both clinicians and their patients (and potential patients), a great model for other communities to emulate.

I opened the conference with a talk called “Your DNA is not your Destiny: How to Trump Your Genetics With Healthy Choices”- allowing me to highlight many of the concepts I developed in The Original Prescription. I was joined by a great faculty of speakers, including Jill Carnahan M.D., Bryan Warner M.D., and Carrie Carda, MD; as well as a host of great vendors from the local community. It reminded me of how many times I have run into clinicians over the years who had no local community of like-minded clinicians to encourage them and bounce ideas off of. It is important to understand that the power of community is not just a benefit to the patient, it is a must for a healthy clinician and medical practice as well. For me it was encouraging to see some long-time friends and meet so many new ones. I would also like to mention Ortho Molecular’s local representative, Kristen Brokaw- her skills and vision are one of the reasons SLIIM exists in the first place. The future of functional and integrative medicine needs more events like SLIIM all over the country…and the world.

(photos coming soon!)


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  1. It is so great to know that there are clinicians out there who are genuinely interested in functional medicine and helping their patients the best they can!

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