Implementing Personalized Dietary Interventions for Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases. Integr Med (Encinitas). 2023 Nov;22(5):18-26.

This article reviews the mechanisms and efficacy of dietary changes in subjects with IMIDs such as IBD, RA, and Psoriasis.


Meal-Time Supplementation with Betaine HCl for Functional Hypochlorhydria: What is the Evidence? (IMCJ Vol. 19, No 1- February 2020)

This article discusses the evidence related to the common practice of using Betaine HCl to increase stomach acid (and improve digestion) during a meal.


Dr. Guilliams on  WOR radio – Intelligent Medicine with Dr. Ronald Hoffman (February 2014)

In this radio interview, Dr. Thomas Guilliams discusses the data on fish oil, how to choose a fish oil product and some of the key issues surrounding fish oil supplements. [click title to download and listen to the February 6 podcast].


The case is closed: Editorial bias prevents reasonable evaluation of dietary supplements (IMCJ Vol. 13, No 1 – February 2014)

In this article, Dr. Thomas Guilliams reviews the recent editorial on multivitamins in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Examines and breaks down bias in the TACT, PHS2 and a systematic review of studies on vitamins for prevention of CVD and cancer.


Dr. Guilliams on  WOR radio – Health Talk with Dr. Ronald Hoffman (January 2014)

In this radio interview, Dr. Thomas Guilliams gives a detailed critique of the recent Annals of Medicine studies on multivitamins.


Dr. Guilliams featured in Stevens Point Journal – Article and Video (June 2013)

Dr. Thomas Guilliams is interviewed about the Seven Pillars of good health, as discussed in The Original Prescription (video included).


Diet and nutrition as part of Lifestyle Synergy – Video (April 2013)

Roni Enten gives tips about the importance of diet and nutrition one of the seven spheres of Lifestyle Synergy discussed in The Original Prescription.


Dr. Guilliams on WOR radio – Health Talk with Dr. Ronald Hoffman (November 2012)

In this radio interview, Dr. Guilliams is interviewed by Dr. Ronald Hoffman about The Original Prescription and the powerful potential of lifestyle medicine.


Immune Enhancement by Nature (A4M Medical News – December 2010)

Discusses well-researched botanicals and nutraceutical immunomodulators, with a focus on clinical trials and mechanisms from in vitro and animal research. Includes sections on key nutrients such as zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C, as well as Echinacea, mushroom extracts, astragalus, andrographis, and probiotics.


The Use of Fish Oil Supplements in Clinical Practice: A Review (JANA Vol. 8, No.1 – reprint 2005)
Focuses on the clinical data on fish consumption, fish oil supplements and their fatty acids, with an emphasis on cardiovascular health. Also includes a discussion of non-cardiovascular uses, including mood disorders, brain development and ocular health.


Homocysteine – A Risk Factor for Vascular Diseases: Guidelines for the Clinical Practice (JANA Vol 7, No.1 – Winter 2004)
Reviews the history of homocysteine research and related clinical intervention trials, and the rationale for homocysteine as a causative agent rather than just a marker for vascular diseases. Includes a review of homocysteine metabolism, risk factor assessment, related diseases and key supplements for reducing homocysteine levels.