After months of waiting, The Original Prescription finally arrived and we launched it at the Equip Advanced Seminar in Chicago- Sponsored by Ortho Molecular Products. I was honored to share the stage with a wonderful faculty including Mimi Guarneri, Ralph La Forge, Shilpa Saxena and John Principe. I was able to discuss the implications of lifestyle habits and their impact on cardiometabolic risk (something I call risk trajectory), and the role of genomics and epigenetics influences on someone’s risk potential in my talk entitled “Epidemiology meets Epigenetics- Individualizing Care with the Lifestyle Matrix.” The room was lively with nearly 200 attendees in the audience and a full day of great lectures on lifestyle medicine, exercise prescriptions, group therapy models and much more. It was also quite exciting to do our first public book signing. The clinicians were gracious and excited to get a copy of the book, some even buying a copy for each of their clinic staff-members. I am looking forward to a similar reception at the Equip event in LA where most of the same faculty will get together on the Queen Mary for an encore performance- there is still time to join us at the end of October. If you can’t join us (or you aren’t a clinician), you can still get a signed copy of the book- just email us at and let us know to whom you want it personally signed- we’ll be glad to accommodate your request.



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