The Cardiometabolic Road map is finally back from the printer and ready to be shipped. Why did it take so long…… Well, when you hold the 350 page book (yes 100 pages longer than the GI Road map) and see all the illustrations and references you should be asking how it got done so quickly! In either case, this Road map is the culmination of over 18 months of research, writing, editing, illustrating, proofing and assembling; we are certain you will not be disappointed.


We also worked hard to keep this affordable. While it is 40% larger than our GI Roadmap, we worked with our printer to keep the cost very reasonable and at our normal retail price ($54.95) it is only $5 more than our GI book. However, we will be selling the book for only $49.95 during the month of July (2018) to celebrate this achievement and get these out to as many of our customers as possible. So order yours today and don’t miss out on this early bird special.


You can find our order page here:


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