It has been a little while since I have been able to post a new message here on the Point Institute website; I have been busy editing and proofing our latest project, which, I am pleased to announce, is finally at the printer and will be available shortly.


Supplementing Dietary Nutrients: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals

This new guidebook was written as the first in our “Standard – Roadmap Series” (more to come later on this) focusing on the use of nutrient ingredients for dietary supplementation. Using the same sort of approach we have used in developing the Standard monographs since 1997, this guidebook can be used as a training manual or textbook and kept handy for its monograph information on over 30 nutrients. To see a bit more about the details of the book, go here.
As the book is slated to arrive in a few weeks, we are making it available first on our website, and will distribute it here for 20% off the cover price until May 15th (including free shipping in the US). If you want to get your copy, click the Buy Now button below:

They will be sent out as soon as they arrive.
A tremendous amount of work went into this guidebook and we have received great feedback from everyone who has seen the manuscript in progress. We are certain that anyone making supplemental nutrient recommendations within a healthcare setting will want to have this on their shelves.

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