Dr. Guilliams’ latest Technical Report reviews the evidence supporting fish oil as the standard marine-derived omega-3 fatty acid, and discusses the various product types, their bioavailability, ethyl esters vs. triglycerides, pertinent quality control issues and gives take home recommendations. Since the wide range of therapeutic uses and forms, as well as sources and delivery forms of marine-derived omega-3 fatty acids is a source of confusion for patients and clinicians alike, this Point Institute paper reviews the evidence and explains the data supporting the use of fish oil, which has become the known standard in the world of marine derived Omega 3 products. The paper discusses the various types of marine derived Omega 3 products and the considerations which should be made when selecting one. Other topics include common concerns, such as allergies to fish oil, and the difference between Krill vs. Fish oil sources. The paper also discusses the research on the bioavailability of various structures and forms such as ethyl esters vs. triglyceride, as well as the differential uses of DHA and EPA, what defines pharmaceutical grade products, quality control issues, and ends with take-home recommendations for product selection.


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