Coenzyme Q-10 has been used as a dietary supplement for a variety of uses over the past few decades. Among its many therapeutic benefits, are those related to heart failure symptoms and mortality. This past week the results of a large clinical trial were presented at a congress of the European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure Association. That study (Q-SYMBIO) showed that 300mg of daily CoQ-10 supplementation for 2 years had a highly significant effect on major adverse cardiovascular events (50% reduction) and all-cause mortality (>45% reduction).  Here is a news reports about this study.

Since the full paper has not been published, it is difficult to assess the nuances of the data- something that has invited many to discount the potential benefits of these study results. The cautious, but optimistic conclusion of the study authors is that “CoQ10 should be considered as a part of the maintenance therapy of patients with chronic heart failure.”

*- Remember- Statin therapy reduced serum CoQ-10

Here are some more recent studies using CoQ-10 you might be interested in-


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