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Supporting Immune Function: A Lifestyle and Nutrient Approach- Published by the Point Institute- is Now Available

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Supporting Immune Function: A Lifestyle and Nutrient Approach is different than an ordinary academic textbook. This beautifully illustrated reference guide discusses clinically-relevant advances in immune system understanding and provides strategies to put these principles into action within an integrative or functional medicine approach. Written by natural products expert with a Ph.D. in molecular immunology, this guide will help healthcare providers better navigate the nuances of the immune system and provide clinical solutions through lifestyle intervention strategies and targeted nutrient support protocols. Purchase Now for $34.95, or choose to combine with our other books for discounted price (Click Buy Now for options).

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A4M Anti-Aging Conference - Chicago
8:30 am on Sept 26-27, 2014

Dr. Guilliams will give a talk entitled "Immune Foundations: Fundamentals of Immune Dysfunction and Inflammatory Signaling."